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IPv6 and privacy

Dutch IPv6 Task Force
Author: Erik Huizer
Date: 18-10-2010 (updated 06-03-2012)

Many thanks to the members of the NL IPv6 Task Force for their contributions

Since the standardization of IPv6 in the 1990’s, there have been many
discussions about IPv6 and privacy. This document aims to address the
concerns with regard to IPv6 and privacy and points out some solutions.

The privacy concern
The main concern with regard to IPv6 and privacy is that some users will use the same IPv6 address every time they go online, which makes it easier for ISP’s and service providers to track their online behavior. The IPv6 address can then easily be linked to a single person and becomes a piece of personal information.

This is a valid concern that has also been recognized by the IPv6
community. There are solutions to this concern, which will be presented later in this document. First however, we’ll have a look at the context.

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